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Beatty Cohan named Relationships Editor for 50plus Online Magazine, June 2006, http://www.50plusmag.com/

Jeb Bush Appoints Nationally-Recognized Psychotherapist and Author to Commission, July 11, 2004 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2004/7/prwebxml140343.php


1. Brittany Spears' Divorce; Why did her marriage fall apart? People tend to repeat the same relationship patterns over and over. Beatty can discuss the 4 reasons why relationships fail, and how to break out of destructive patterns and get it right once and for all. 

2. Which of your favorite celebrities are in secure marriages?  Which are about to break up or should never have hooked up from the start? Beatty will analyze the relationships of your audience's favorite TV and movie stars and reveal why the mistakes they make finding true love and happiness are no different from those made by everyone else. 

3. 10 Fool proof steps to marrying Mr. or Mrs. Right (or having a successful and healthy relationship).

4. Is your therapist depressing you? More and more people are seeking help for depression. A recent Harvard study showed that the majority of treatment is ineffective. Beatty will inform your audience what to look for in a therapist and the signs to recognize if your therapist and therapy is harming you.

5. Most marriage counseling is a complete waste of time, money and energy. Learn Beatty's marriage counseling formula that has already saved hundreds of marriages. She has an astonishing rate of success and only 20 couples have divorced over a 35 year period.

6. Marathon therapy. Beatty will spend an entire day and even a week-end with individual couples. Learn why Beatty's marathon therapy approach is not only successful, but actually reduces the overall amount of time and money that couples spend in therapy. The 50 - minute hour benefits the insurance companies and the therapists- certainly not the clients.

7. Are your friends or family toxic?  Five warning signs to recognize that will help you exit from poisonous relationships.

8. Pillow Talk - How to Save Your Relationship With The Right Words At The Right Time. Learn the 4 secrets to effective communication. Like tennis or golf it's a skill that we can all learn (if we WANT to and if we have a good COACH).

9. There are 9 reasons why couples have problems in the bedroom. Once you identify these reasons, you'll be on your way to a better and more exciting sex life.

10. How to Survive an Extra-Marital Affair and make your marriage stronger and better both emotionally and sexually than you ever dreamed possible.

11. Why Hillary Clinton is a Terrible Role Model for Women.

12. How engaged couples can set the foundation for a life time of success.

If you'd like to chat with Beatty about these or other topics, please contact us at michelle@tennant.org

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